Thursday, August 30, 2018

Fireworks Over Niagara Falls

What better way to end your day in Niagara Falls than by watching the illumination and fireworks display over the falls?

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Niagara Falls is illuminated every evening with various colors to showcase the falls in a unique way. Recently, the Niagara Falls Illumination Board took on a project and started using lights with new LED technology, highlighting the falls in more vibrant and energy efficient colors. Beginning at dusk, all the lights are turned on and the falls are illuminated, sometimes in colors coordinating with a specific theme. Make sure you check this out during your visit!

Another spectacular show to experience is the fireworks display over Niagara Falls. On selected dates, fireworks start at 10pm and are free for everyone to watch! It's absolutely a special way to enjoy your evening, especially if you have the best spot for viewing them. And where is the best place to watch the fireworks? Here's our personal short list that we'd like to share with you:

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1. Goat Island - this is probably the most popular spot, but a great one! There's a lot of area to walk around or even maybe set up a blanket so you can lounge before the show.

2. Luna Island - since a lot of people take their places for the show in Goat Island, most don't think of going to Luna Island, which has a smaller viewing area, but if you ask us, it's a better spot for the fireworks display! It could get a little bit more crowded because it's a smaller space, so get there early for a good spot!

3. Rainbow Bridge - if you have your passport (and Canadian visa, if needed) with you, try viewing the fireworks from the bridge! Cross as a pedestrian so you can stop in the middle of the bridge and catch the show from there. It's a different viewing area that you'll surely enjoy!

4. Last but not the least, another great place to watch the fireworks display is... THE RED COACH INN! Yes, you've read that right. Our property sits just 500 yards away from the brink of the Falls, giving us the perfect location for seeing the fireworks from afar, away from large crowds. One can just step outside of our front door and see the show, or if you are staying in our Brighton or Somerset rooms, you can see them from the comfort of our rooms! The large picture windows in those rooms give you a view of the river, a part of Goat Island, and the Canadian skyline--perfect for watching the fireworks display.

All these spots are within walking distance from the Red Coach Inn. During your stay, you'll be able to walk around to all major attractions with ease, even Canada! We truly have the best location! 

Book your stay TODAY and enjoy the fireworks display and everything about Niagara Falls! Call us at (716) 282-1459 or visit

For the illumination and fireworks display schedule, visit: 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Welcome to the Victoria Suite

"Honeymoon Suite"

Did you know that the Red Coach Inn has 37 different guest rooms and suites? Each one is uniquely decorated to celebrate the old world English charm, the ambiance we offer throughout the whole property. 

Today, we welcome you to the Victoria Suite: an elegant apartment-style two bedroom two bathroom suite that offers 1,100 square feet of space to give you a feeling of home away from home. The Victoria suite not only has two bedrooms with queen-size pillowtop beds in each room and a sofa sleeper, it also has two spacious and beautiful bathrooms, living room and dining area, and a full-size functioning kitchen—perfect for a family on vacation or week-long stays. Did we mention you also get a view of the magnificent upper rapids of the Niagara River from the living room? By simply cracking your windows open, you feel the breeze and hear the roar from the raging waters! What an exciting sight from your own suite! 

Aside from the feel-at-home atmosphere, the Victoria Suite also offers a romantic ambiance for newly weds and honeymooners. After all, Niagara Falls is known as the honeymoon capital of the world, and we’ve got the Victoria suite for that! Our guests are welcomed with classical music as they enter the door, setting the mood for an amorous stay. The decor of the suite also matches that old world charm that completes the romantic character of the suite. 

 The Victoria Suite has welcomed not only families, vacationers, and couples, but also thrill-seekers. Yes, you read that right, thrill-seekers and ghost hunters. Our suite has been featured in several TV shows, online features, and ghost hunting series like Celebrity Ghost Stories. Just recently, a Youtube personality, Omar, from OmargoshTV visited us and stayed in the Victoria Suite. 

We’ll let Omar tell you the story of the spooky side of the Victoria Suite. Also, he shares his experience with the Red Coach Inn and the quality of service we provide our guests. Watch his video below:

So there you have it! Whether you are in Niagara Falls for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a ghost hunting adventure, the Victoria Suite is perfect for any experience! 

If you would like to book the Victoria Suite, visit our website at or call our friendly front desk agents at (716) 282-1459. 

Here's a big shoutout to Omar! We would like to thank you for featuring us in his Youtube channel. It was our pleasure to have been able to accommodate you!

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