Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 Interesting Thankgiving Facts

We all love celebrating Thanksgiving.
Here are some interesting facts about our beloved holiday.

The first American Thanksgiving was held by approximately
 50 Plymouth pilgrims and approximately 90 neighboring
 Wampanoag Indians (Native Americans)
 in Autumn of 1621 in Massachusetts.
 Thanksgiving celebrations were
pretty sporadic and random after that.

The first Thanksgiving feast lasted an entire 3 days.

In 1777 to 1783, the US Congress proclaimed Thanksgiving an annual celebration to be held each December.

Thanksgiving as a national holiday finally stuck when Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday to be held the last Thursday in November...but this was never signed as a law. It wasn't until President Roosevelt signed a bill in 1941 sanctifying Thanksgiving as the 4th Thursday of every November as a national public holiday.

Three towns in the U.S. take their name from the traditional Thanksgiving bird, including Turkey, Texas (pop. 465); Turkey Creek, Louisiana (pop. 363); and Turkey, North Carolina (pop. 270).

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