Thursday, October 17, 2013

Niagara Wine Trail's Hallowine Weekend October 18 - 20

Have you made your weekend plans? How about solving a Murder Mystery? Celebrate Halloween along the Niagara Wine Trail, at the Hallowine Weekend. This year's murder mystery story is "Three Rings to the Wind" - A Circus Murder! Collect clues and interview a different suspect character at each participating winery to solve the murder mystery. Submit your guess at your last winery. The correct guesses will be entered in a drawing to win prizes. (You do not need to stop at every winery to submit your guess)
Here's a sneak peek of the mystery...
Uncle Dingaling has the Cheesiest show on earth. This circus travels from town to town, in the old tradition. It is unfortunate that the acts do not match the tradition. In fact, as the group made its annual trek to Aragain, a premier stop on their circuit, they were met with resistance from all quarters. The performers were only going through the motions. The townspeople were less than hospitable. Most egregious, best circus around, Dewey, Cheetum and Howe, were attempting a hostile takeover.
Opening night, with a very sparse crowd, was in full swing. Acts filled all three rings. The sideshows were waiting their turn. Buck Shott, the Human Cannonball was launched, landed in his net, but did not jump up to take his bow. To everyone?s horror, Buck Shott would fire no more. . . .
Who killed Buck Shott? A who's who of the suspect list:
  • Eveningside: Ringmaster: Uncle Dingaling: Owner of the Circus. Would he want to harm an act that draws crowds?
  • Freedom Run: Tax collector Dudley (Doody) Levee: This Aragain Native wants to make certain the town gets everything coming to it. Why does he hate Buck Shott? After all, he's only in town once a year.
  • Leonard Oakes: Mayor Clinta Westwood: Every year when the circus comes, her campaign coffers grow. What did Buck know about her?
  • Niagara Landing: Trapeze artist Callie S?thenics: Talk about a frustrated gymnast. She is constantly coming up with new ideas and new tricks. Too bad the human body can?t move the way she wants. She drives the other trapeze artists crazy.
  • Chateau Niagara: Ticket seller Goldie Price: She sells lots of tickets. She's one of the best barkers around. You assume she?s as honest as the day is long, but is she?
  • Schulze: Horse rider Merry Mustang: Always wants more horses, fancier costumers for them.
  • Victorianbourg: Dog Trainer Kay Nein: She is a great PR person. She takes her dogs to perform everywhere you ask schools, fairs. You heard a rumor she got paid for those gigs on the side, but she wouldn?t double dip, would she?
  • Spring Lake: Landowner Essie Tate: The circus is held on her land, for a fee of course. What does she know about Buck.
  • Honeymoon Trail: Booking Agent Redd Scent: Handles all the arrangements for moving the show around. Finds new locations sometimes, negotiates the contracts, knows who to finesse. All for a fee, of course.
  • Marjim Manor: Band Member Yul PHonium: At the last stop, the band riser collapsed injuring a couple of band members. Luckily, Yul was at the performance and was able to audition and fill in right away. For a classical performer, she knows lots of circus style music.
  • Vizcarra: Elephant trainer Packy Derm; Thinks the elephants are the cornerstone of the circus the main act people come to see. Wants money for more costumes, better feed. their favorite thing to do is leave to join Dewey Cheatem and Howe where they'll be appreciated.
  • Long Cliff: Building Inspector: Arky Tecture: This building inspector pays attention to minute details. What did he notice about Buck?
  • Blackbird: Janitor Connie Searge : Been with you about a year. Does her job well. Everything is always sparkling and shiny. But she does turn up in odd spots.
  • Lake Ontario Winery: Hermie Tage, the Tent installer.

Tickets are valid for all three days of the event and include a tasting of 3 wines at each participating winery, a commemorative wine glass from your starting winery, and information to solve the crime. Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.

Tickets do not include transportation. The wine trail is self-guided. A valid photo ID with proof of age is required to participate in wine tastings. Please have your ID ready upon arrival.

Good luck and happy solving!

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