Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's the little things!

One of my favorite things about the staying at the Red Coach Inn is all the small touches that add up to one amazing experience. I have seen many beautiful rooms and had lots of great customer service experiences at the Red Coach Inn, and many other hotels, but the attention to detail given at the Red Coach is by far a key factor that sets it apart from other hotels.

The unique experience provided by the Red Coach Inn starts as soon as you check-in. The front desk associate politely escorts you up to your room and makes sure to explain to you each amenity of the room, including how to turn the fireplace on and how to work the jetted bath tub. And I can't forget about my favorite part, the cheese, cracker, and fruit platter and bottle of champagne that is waiting for you! (And yes this is every stay!)

The overall ambiance of the hotel is another reason the Red Coach Inn has become one of my favorite Niagara Falls destinations. The hotel first opened its doors in 1923 and still carries the warm English style decor throughout the property. Each room is uniquely decorated, so you are guaranteed to experience something new each stay. I find it refreshing to see a different room each time I stay versus the cookie cutter rooms you typically find with the major hotel chains. Also as an oil painter I have a great appreciation for all of the artwork hung throughout the hotel, especially the oil paintings. The art creates an understanding of the rich history that is deeply rooted in the Red Coach Inn.

The Red Coach Inn remains one of my all-time favorite hotels simply for its uniqueness and attention to detail! It's all the little things that add up to one grand experience!

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